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by J_O_E_S » 17.11.2015, 12:48

So, I'm thinking of starting a build-project on the server in order to build a Titan Class cruiser based on the Spear of Adun from Starcraft 2 Legacy of the Void. This project is massive, as the ship is about 74500 blocks long, meaning we'll have to size it down to about 1/100

The ships approximate final proportions will be around 750x172x92, with loads of empty space in it (approximately 3 quarters of the ship is empty space) meaning the final ship mass will be around 296.7k (meaning we'll have to make some more adjustments to the size)


The ship will be fitted with a damage beam as the main gun, 4 turrets (1 on top, 1 on each side, 1 on the bottom), stealth systems, a warp drive, , a damage pulse, strong shields and missile systems and a salvage beam. The ship will also be fitted with a docking bay. PM me on the forums to apply to the project, we'll need a sponsor-faction(also the faction that will be granted control of the Spear of Adun when finished) and this will be the only thing I'll work on while on the server! We hope to be able to start building the ship in 2 to 3 weeks time.
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by xFxD » 17.11.2015, 13:32

As long as you stay within the rules I see no problem in building thiss ship. Good luck finding someone to build with :)
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by Rhaxus » 17.11.2015, 18:08

EDIT by Knack: (Sry Rhaxus, i wanted to answer but clicked edit :( )
On this Server Cloaking needs 130 e/s and block
Jamming needs 20 e/s and block
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by J_O_E_S » 18.11.2015, 09:41

The current status of the project is as follows: Doing maths on the structure, planning the project and training my ability to recreate Protoss vessels by making a Mothership. The Mothership will also be a Titan-class, but it is only a training-structure at the moment. When finished, I will probably tear it down again. The Spear of Adun will be built when the blocks needed are available for use.

-Making outline for Mothership - Dome-outline in progress Image

EDIT: The Spear of Adun will belong to the Jota Foundation - The Mothership will be deconstructed and remade in a scaled-down version, allowing for the creation of a "fleet".
More Protoss vessel-designs to be adapted in the future.
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